Recipe to prepare tender bamboo shoots pickles

Keerl Ambade nonche ( Tender Bamboo shoot n sour hog plum pickle ) Truly GSB seasonal pickle

Ingridents :

2 cups of finely chopped tender bamboo shoots

12 tender sour hog plums

Method : chop sour hog plums and retain the seed of few and disacrd others .

add salt to both of these and set aside .

boil water , cool … grind dry red chilles to a fine paste , then once paste is finely grinded add the raw mustard and grind again to a semi coarse paste … add the boiled cooled water while grinding for a consistency. add this ground paste to the above salted stuffs.

mix well with clean spoon.

Note : this doesnt have shelf life consume within a month or forntnight

Recipe By : Archana Kamath Prabhu

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