Recipe to prepare BREAD DOSA


As the batter is raised with yeast & then fried it’s called Bread Dosa. In fact, the more little holes there are in a dosa, the more we like it. After all, holes make the dosa light and fluffy. With a little practice you will achieve perfection.


2 cups kolam rice or any other raw rice used for making dosa
1 cup beaten rice (poha)
well beaten curds (dahi)
salt to taste
sugar to taste
1/4 tsp instant yeast
ghee as required


1. Wash rice & poha seperately.
2. Mix rice & poha. Add dahi till the mixture is completely covered with dahi. Add a little water too to soak the rice and you can use the same to grind later on.
3. Cover & keep aside for 4 -6 hrs.
4. Grind to a fine, thick paste. Add water if required. The batter should be medium thick. Add sugar, salt & diluted yeast.
5. Ferment for 8 hrs in a warm place.
6.Take an Aapam pan & pour a ladle of batter and just swirl it in clockwise direction (if you are right handed) so it spreads evenly around the pan.The centre should be thicker & outer rim should be thin.
7. Cover with a lid and let it stand in simmer till the centre is cooked. About 2min. Cook one side only.
8. Remove the lid and lift the dosa with a flat wooden spatula. The bread dosa comes out like a lacey cup and small holes around.
9. Add a little ghee and serve with chutney.

* If the batter has not risen, add a little more yeast and keep for further fermentation. An hr or two, this may be needed only in winter.

Recipe by Navanitha B Shetty.