Recipe to prepare ONION UTHAPPA



1/2 cup Urad Dhal
1 1/2 cups dosa rice
salt to taste
Ghee for frying

Method :

1. Wash & soak rice separately for 4 – 5 hrs.
2. Grind urad dhal & rice together to a fine paste. The consistency of the batter should be the dropping type.
3. Add salt. Cover & keep for fermentation overnight.
4. Heat a dosa tawa and spread a tsp of oil over it. When it becomes hot enough, place a laddle of batter and spread on it (it should be thicker than a normal dosa). When it is cooked on one side, turn over, add a tsp of oil all over its edge and remove when fully cooked.
5. Serve with coconut chutney.

For the Uthappam Ingredients :

10 laddles of urad dhal dosa batter
2 green chillies, finely minced
chopped coriander leaves.
1 medium onion, chopped fine

Method :

1. Take 10 laddles of batter separately.
2. Mix the uthappam ingredients well just before frying & follow the above dosa method.
3. Usually the coriander leaves, chillies & onion is added just before frying.

– Recipe by Navanitha B Shetty.