Deep fried karimeen

Deep fried karimeen ( Pearlspot fish)
Deep fried karimeen ( Pearlspot fish)
Recipe : 
2 Pearl spot fish
Make three to four deep slashes on either side of the fish.
For masala paste, mix
2 heaped table spoon of Kashmiri lal chilli powder,
1 tsp garlic paste, half a tsp vinegar ,salt to taste and
a pinch of turmeric powder.
Add a bit of water.
Mix all the ingredients well.
Rub the paste all over the fish. Try to stuff masala into the slashes. Set aside for an hour or two.
Dredge the fish with some rice flour or fine rawa.
Heat oil in a wide kadhai and deep fry the fish until both sides become crispy.
You can fry some curry leaves and garnish the fried fish.
Tomato onion salad and lemon wedges can be served too.
Recipe curtesy :  Vinanti Gouri Kini