easy an quick Recipe to prepare Garlic Chicken

lets go ahead and learn how to prepare yummy garlic chicken


pepper powder
half of the beaten egg
2 teaspoon of vinegar
2 teaspoon corn flour
soya sauce- 2 tablespoon
4 teaspoons of maida(optional)
1cup finely chopped garlic
1 cup cubed onion
4 tablespoon of garlic red chilly sauce
2 tablespoon of tomato ketchup.
2 tablespoon of chopped spring onion
2 tablespoon corn flour
salt to taste.
Method : 
TO Marinate chicken cubes
pepper powder+ half of the beaten egg+2teaspns of vinegar+2teaspoon corn flour+soya sauce- 2tablespoons+4 teaspoons of maida(optional-personally I vil omit maida…or just sprinkle little bit).salt to taste.mix all together.refrigerate it for at least half an hr.

After half an hr.add this marinated chicken cubes to hot oil and fry it on low flame untill 95%done.drain the excess oil.

Nw the chicken cubes are ready

To a hot pan add 3tablespoons of oil then add 1cup finely chopped garlic.let it cook untill slightly golden in colour.so all the flavours oozing out from the garlic.

Add cubed onion.cook on medium high flame untill onions gets soft.

Add 4 tablespoons of garlic red chilly sauce+2tablespoons of tomato ketchup.mix it well.then add cooked chicken and 2teaspoons of spring onion .again combine all together.
To get a binding texture
2teaspoon corn flour +4teaspoons of water.dissolve nicely without any lumps.pour this mix to chicken and mix well again.garnish it with some more of spring onion.switch off the flame.

Yummy Garlic Chicken is ready to serve….