Recipe to prepare ambya upkari or ripe mango curry

Ambya upkari is a gsb community seasonal dish prepared using sour ripe mangos.

Ingridents :

8 sour mangoes
15 green chillies
1/2 kg jaggery
2 tsps maida or rice flour for thickening mixed in water to make a thin paste.

3 tbsps coconut oil
3 tsps mustard
2 tsps urad dal
2 red chillies
5 sprigs curry leaves.

Wash and skin the mangoes. Press the peel wid a little salt and water, remove all the juice from the peel. Do this till all juice is recovered. Drop the mangoes into this juice, add the green chillies, salt and boil till the mangoes are soft.
Add jaggery, after it dissolves add the maida or rice flour mixture. Boil well.

Heat the coconut oil. Add d mustard, n after it splutters add urad dal. After it turns golden add the broken red chillies and finally the curry leaves. Drop it into the mango curry, give one boil and switch off.

Note: if the mangoes are not sour just add some tamarind paste to enhance the sourness. Tastes just as good.