Recipe to prepare Mhashinga palle and piyaava sanna polo

mashinga polo sanna polo
mashinga polo sanna polo

Ingredients :

dosa rice  – Half cup
toordal – 3-4 tbsp
coconut – 1/2 cup
Red Chilli – 4-5
tamarind – small ball
hing – a pinch
drumsticks leaves – 1 cup
onions – 2 medium size
salt for taste
Method :
soak half glass dosa rice and bit toordal for an hour.
grind half coconut,red chilli,tamarind and a pinch of hing into a fine paste.
add soaked rice and toordal + salt and grind to semi fine paste.
add clean and chopped drumsticks leaves ,chopped 2 onion into the grinded paste and mix it well.
heat paan and take small amount of batter and take dosa.
serve with rice and dal.

Recipe By : Akshatha Nayak

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