Recipe to prepare Mushroom rice

Mushroom rice
Mushroom rice

Slice 4-5 medium sized onoins….in a pan put ghee and oil…when heated add 4- 5 cloves, a small piece of dalchini,one bay leaf,2 cardomom pods n cashew nuts…when the nuts turn light brown add the sliced onions n fry on sim flame..when light brown add 1 tsp ginger garlic paste…fry fr few minutes…add 1 tbsp of kitchen king masala…switch off when its nicely fried.
Now transfer this to electric rice cooker…add washed rice..needed water (usually 1:2 in the measuring cup provided) n salt..stir n switch on….it will automatically swich off when done.

Alternatively if cooking in pan itself add water, rice n salt …switch off when done.

Recipe courtesy : Deepika Kamath