Recipe to prepare Cabbage Sanna khotto

Cabbage Sanna khotto
Cabbage Sanna khotto

Sanna khotto is an traditional GSB community recipe here is a quick and easy recipe to prepare sanna khotto using cabbage and onion


125 gms toor dal ( 1/2 pav)
125 gms rice
3 onions chopped fine
Cabbage chopped the same amount as the onions
1/2 of a small coconut
9 guntur chillies
9 bedgi chillies
1 tbsp tamarind

Method : 
Wash and soak the rice and toor dal together for 3 hours.

First grind the coconut, roasted chillies and tamarind to a smooth paste. Add the rice and toor dal and grind to a rava like conistency.

to the grinded masala now add the chopped onion, cabbage and salt and mix well.

Steam as for idlis by first applying a little coconut oil to the idli stand. Steam till done.

A knife inserted in the sanna khotto shld come out clean. Allow to cool, and remove from the mould.

Drizzle with coconut oil and enjoyyy.

Recipe Courtesy : Vinaya Prabhu