Recipe to prepare Corn cheese Appa

In a pan take corn. I had store brought freezed corn. You can blanch corn if needed.

In a pan add corn add salt pepper powder if you like a bit sweet sour/chatpata add chat masala. Or you can add to this Italian herbs. I have added Italian herbs . Keep this stuffing ready.

For the covering take brown bread or any you have. Roll the rolling pin over it and make it thin as possible. Cut in into half. ( I cut the bread into half as I had to use in appe patra which has small shapes).

The bread is thin enough just sprinkle some water over it to so that you can close the edges after filling the stuffing of corn.

When filling the corn add grated cheese to it. Then close the bread by applying a little water and roll on your palms. In the appe patra add 2 to 3 drops of oil in each well of the appe patra.. Place each ball in it. Keep rotating the balls so each side gets crispy. If you feel spray some oil. Not needed though. Keeo flame medium.


Eat when hot. The cheese will melt. It tastes great.

Recipe By : Swati Pol

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