Recipe to prepare Ven Pongal

Ven Pongal
Ven Pongal

South Indian dish called Ven Pongal. similar to khichdi with Moong Yellow Lentils and Rice and is made in South India today. This is usually a breakfast dish and very healthy

Recipe :

Cook moong Dal or yellow Lentils , rice and water in 1:1:3 ratio till soft and gooey in a pressure cooker.

For temmpering take 2 tbsp of of ghee and refined oil in a pan.To this add 1tsps each cumin,black pepper,ginger pieces,cashews curryleaves,asafoetida and mix it to the rice and dhal mixture.

Add salt and mix well.If the mixture is too tight ,add little water.

Make sure you use loads of ginger and black pepper.

Add a bit of ghee or clarified butter on top.

Recipe By : Debjani Banerji