Recipe to prepare Kadgi (Jackfruit) podi

kadgi podi recipe
kadgi podi recipe

Kadgi (Jackfruit) podi authentic gsb community recipe

Ingredients :

  1. Dosa rice 1cup
  2. 5 byadagi and 1 parekal
  3. big pinch of hing
  4. tender Jack fruit -1

Method :

  • Soak 1 cup Dosa rice for 1 hr
  • Grind 5 byadagi and 1 parekal(any spicy dry  red chillies)along with rice and big pinch of hing to a smooth paste
  • Chop raw Jack fruit in to thick pieces then remove the thick skin..Soak them in the water for 10 minutes..drain all the water Apply salt
  • Steam these pieces  in the cooker  for 3 to 4 minutes, Allow these pieces to cool
  • Then apply ground masala and deep fry

Instead of Raw Jack fruit u can use bitter gourd,raw banana(the one which you used to make curries ),bread fruit,ripped nedrabale(Kerala banana),yam,sweet potato.

no steaming for  these veggies..apply salt keep aside for 15mintes then apply masala and deep fry