Home made Ghee preparation steps


Heat milk. Cool and Refrigerate. After a few hours you will notice the thick layer of cream which forms on top of the milk. Remove it in a small container and add a spoon of curd into it. Mix well and leave outside for about 7 hours. Transfer it into a large container and refrigerate. The next morning follow the same procedure of collecting the cream in a small container and adding a little curd to it and leaving it outside for 7 hours. Now transfer it into the large container in which you have stored the previous day’s cream in the refrigerator. . Continue in this manner for a week. Churn this cream a little at a time in the mixer using a glass of water to facilitate churning. You will see butter formed. Finish off churning the cream and collect the butter in a kadhai.wash the butter well three to four times till the water runs clear. Drain off all the water and heat the butter on a low flame stirring occasionally . After a while, the butter turns into ghee and the fat solids turn light brown and start settling at the bottom. When they turn golden brown switch off the gas. The heat of the Kadhai soon turns them into a rich brown and the aroma of ghee wafts through the house. Strain and use.

Recipe Courtesy : Vinaya Prabhu

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