recipe to prepare Kane Hindri / INDORI


Brown poha (poha of boiled coloured ..bit thick )- 4 cups
Coconut -2 cups
Jaggery-1/4 kg.adjust as per taste.

Dry roast the poha in a kadai till crisp and a nice aroma fills your kitchen
Grind it to a fine powder after it has cooled.
Make jaggery syrup to a single thread consistency .
Add the coconut and stir for some 3 mins. add the powdered poha ,, mix well.. turn off the gas
For making indoris you need some very small steel containers …grease it each time with ghee . fill it with d mixture tightly packed .
Invert and hit hardly on a hard surface so that they loosen and the indoris will easily demould taking a nice shape
Take care to make the Indoris immediately after switching off the gas ..otherwise it will harden and would be difficult for making the indoris.
I have also added crushed cardamom for the extra flavor

Recipe By : Vidya Nayak Shenoy

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