Recipe to prepare Ragi duddali

Ragi duddali recipes
Ragi duddali recipes

Ragi duddali is one of the best food intake during summer season to keep our body cool.


  1. ragi 1 cup
  2. grated coconut 1 cup
  3. jaggery 1 cup
  4. cardamom-5-6
  5. ghee 2 tsp


  1. soak ragi for about 1-2 hours.
  2. grind with 2 cups of water, grated coconut and cardamom.
  3. filter it using a thin cloth..pour this ground mixture in to pan and add jaggerry , mix well.
  4. keep stirring till it thickens.
  5. Grease a plate with ghee and pour the mixture and flatten.
  6. cut it with a knife after cooling.