Recipe to prepare Chutney Pudi

Chutney Pudi
Chutney Pudi

North Karnataka Style:Tangy,spicy,sweet n sour, also serves as quick option for coconut chutney if mixed with melted pure ghee or curd


Chutney Pudi
Chutney Pudi

2 serving bowls full Chana Dal(about 250 grams)
half quantity black gram(Urad) dal
one bowl sesame seeds(Til)
one bowl full roasted peanut- powdered
2 bowls full grated dry coconut (desiccated)
one bowl full fresh Curry leaves
one bowl full dry tamarind
one bowl
2 teaspoons powder hing fried in little oil.
red chilli powder one bowl

Method :
Dry roast dals,coconut,seseme on low flame till they change color n exude aroma (avoid high flame as it will turn d contents black n will not get roasted evenly)

Grind dals first,then mix everything else n grind to make a little coarse powder.

3.Store in refrigerator (as we r using coconut)in an airtight container and use as required.










Tastes Awesome if sprinkled on buttered bread and with idlis,dosas,Appams n Uttappams…

Recipe courtesy : Vaidehi Joshi