Recipe to Prepare Gharai (Jack fruit payasa)

Gharai (Jack fruit payasa)
Gharai (Jack fruit payasa)

Ingredients :  

Jackfruit-Roughly Chopped-1cup
Grated coconut-2cups
Jagery(powded or chopped)-3/4 cup or depending upon the sweetness of Jackfruit
Bombay suji-3tbsp
Cashewnuts and raisins-7 to10

Method :
In a mixie jar add grated coconut and little water and grind it to a smooth paste..
Transfer this paste in white thin cotten cloth ,make a potli ,put this potli in a big bowl and squeeze well in order to extract coconut milk..this is thick coconut milk..transfer this milk to another bowl..again add little water to the same ground coconut..make a potli and squeeze well, this is thin coconut milk.keep aside.
Heat 2tsp ghee add dry fruits and saute keep aside.. add bombay suji and saute it on a low flame.keep aside.
Cook Jackfruit pieces in thin coconut milk by adding around 2 cups of fresh not over cook.
Gradually add suji..mix well..once the suji is cooked add jagery powder..cook for 4 to5 minutes..then add thick coconut milk and dry fruits mix well..bring it to a boil..switch off the flame..serve.

Recipe Courtesy : Nandini Pai

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