Soyi Bajjilli Ghassi

soyi bajjilli gashi
soyi bajjilli gashi

Soyi Bajjilli Ghassi is an authentic and traditional Kochi GSB style roasted coconut masala curry made with whole bengal gram, yam, jackfruit seeds and drumstick. Soyi Bajjilli Ghassi is one of the main dish prepared during important functions and religious festivals in Kochi side GSB communities in Kerala.

To make this masala curry we should first prepare the roasted coconut masala paste/
Soyi Bajjillo Massolu.


Grated Coconut. – from 1 matured coconut
Dry Red Chillies. -12
Coriander seeds. – 2 tbsp
Urad dal. – 2 tbsp
Methi seeds. – a pinch
Turmeric powder.- 1/4 tsp

Heat a thick bottom kadai on low flame. Add urad dal, dry red chillies and coriander seeds into the kadai.Stir well and dry roast until urad dal starts to change its colour. Once nice aroma comes out add grated coconut into the kadai and dry roast along with roasted urad dal, red chillies and coriander seeds till grated coconut becomes golden brown in colour. Add a pinch of methi seeds into kadai and roast along with all the ingredients.Switch off the flame and keep aside the ingredients to cool.Once cooled add turmeric powder and mix with all the roasted ingredients together. Add the roasted ingredients in a mixer grinder and grind together to a smooth paste until oil seperates without adding water. Soyi Bajjillo Massolu is ready.

Soyi Bajjilli Ghassi Recipe.


Whole Bengal gram (Chono). – 1 cup
Yam (Surnu) chopped. – 1 cup
Jackfruit Seeds (Bikkand). – 10
Drumstick (Mashinga Saang). – 1
Raw Mango. – 2 pieces
Salt. – to taste
Roasted Coconut masala paste. – as required


1). Wash and soak whole black bengal gram (chono) in water overnight.

2). Peel the outer white skin of jackfruit seeds (bikkand) and soak in water overnight.Then scrap and remove the brown skin of soaked jackfruit seeds and chop each into two halves lengthwise and wash well.Cut and remove the outer skin of yam and chop into medium size cubed pieces and wash well.

3). Drain soaked water and pressure cook the soaked bengal gram along with chopped jackfruit seeds and chopped yam pieces adding enough water till soft.

4). Remove the string like outer skin of drumstick (mashinga saang) and chop into 1 and 1/2 inch lengthy pieces.


1). In a cooking vessel add the chopped drumstick pieces and required water and boil well. Cover and cook the drumstick pieces till soft.

2). Add pressure cooked bengal gram, jackfruit seeds and yam pieces along with cooked water into the vessel and mix with the drumstick pieces.

3). Add required salt and raw mango pieces ino the vessel and cook for 3 to 4 minutes on low flame.

4). Add prepared roasted coconut masala paste (massolu) into the vessel and mix well. Add little water and boil well.Cover and cook the curry for 3 – 4 minutes on low flame or till the curry becomes little thick.The consistency of the curry is semi thick.Mix well and switch off the flame.

Soyi Bajjilli Ghassi is ready to serve hot.


Recipe curtesy : Geetha Prabhu