Recipe to prepare banana appo

Banana appo :
Ingredients:- Raw rice 1cup,methi seeds 1tsp,ripe banana 3-4 ( I used kadali ),1/4 cup coconut gratings, jaggery 1 small ball (as per ur taste),cardamom powder 1tsp, soda powder 1/2 tsp,salt 1/2 tsp and ghee for frying
Method:- Soak rice and methi seeds for 2 hours.Wash and grind with coconut gratings, banana and jaggery into a fine paste.(use very little water when grinding ) The batter should be slightly thick, pouring consistency.Keep the batter for 1-2 hours.Add cardamom powder, salt and soda powder and make appos.Enjoy with home made butter or ghee.

Recipe by : Lakshmi Bhandary