Recipe to prepare Bombay Biryani

Bombay Biryani
Bombay Biryani

A simple and delicious recipe of Bombay Biryani for young cooks that they can easily manage.


750 gram Chicken, cut into 16’s pieces
½ kg white Rice
1 tbps. and 1 tsp Salt
1 ½ cup Fried onions, Golden brown
¾ cup Oil
3 tsp Ginger paste
3 tsp Garlic paste
1 cup Yogurt
1 tsp all-spice powder
2 tsp chili powder
2 tsp White cumin powder
8 Green chilies, ground
½ bunch Coriander leaves
3 Potatoes
1 tbps. Whole spices
6 whole Green chilies
A pinch of Yellow food color
1 tbps. Kewra essence

Bombay Biryani: Cooking Directions
Take a bowl and marinate the chicken pieces in yogurt, green chilies, garlic paste, ginger paste, salt, chili powder, cumin powder, all-spice powder for at-least an hour.
Boil rice with 1 tbps. salt and whole spices to develop the taste of all flavors finely in the rice. Boil the rice till half done.
Now peel out potatoes and cut them in halves.
Then in a frying pan, fry potatoes.
Take a cup and dissolve a pinch of yellow food color in two tbps. of
Heat oil in a pan, add marinated chicken with 1 cup fried onion and cook till tender.
In a pan layer half of the rice, cover with chicken mixture, then potatoes, ½ cup fried onion, chopped coriander and green chilies.
Now layer the remaining rice on top.
Then add yellow color mixture, cover tightly and steam on very low heat for 15 minutes because at the stage rice are half boiled and if we put them on high flame, they will properly be cooked/boiled.
When done, sprinkle kewra essence on top and cover the lid just for 2 minutes, then remove that pan from the stove.
Delicious Bombay Biryani is ready.

Bombay Biryani Serving Suggestion
Now, dish out biryani and enjoy the brilliantly cooked tasty Biryani with fresh yogurt raita and raw vegetable salad. Preparation time: 1 hr and 40 min Cook time: 35 min Yield: 4 people